What is a Micro-Tab?

Check out this great video Micro-Tabs are cannabis infused tablets (pills). Our products are made  from single strain, single source, full spectrum cannabis extracts grown  in the California sunshine. This is the first legally compliant strain  specific orally ingestible on the California market. Please feel free to  reach out to us via sales@micro-tabs.com for more information. 

The Ultimate Controlled Dosing

Dosing is as Simple as 1-2-3

1. Choose Your Strain

1. Choose Your Strain

1. Choose Your Strain

What’s your desired effect? 

Our color system makes it easy:

  • [Purple]  Rest Mode with an Indica Dominate Strain
  • [Orange]  Revive with a Sativa Dominate Strain
  • [Green]  Focus Your Power with a Balanced Hybrid

2. Control Your Dose

1. Choose Your Strain

1. Choose Your Strain

Each MicroTab contains 10mg of THC. Split a tablet on the score-start for a 5mg half dose. As with edibles, it is recommended to start on the lowest dose to build up to your desired effect. 

Every person is different and it can take on average 30 to 60+ minutes to take effect. 

3. Pop A Tab

1. Choose Your Strain

3. Pop A Tab

MicroTabs are swallowed with water for fast, simple, discreet consumption. 

There’s no need to hold them under your tongue or chew it. 

Get on with your day while MicroTabs goes to work in your system.

GET MicroTabs!


MicroTabs are now available in the California market. Contact us to learn where to buy, get support, or to explore partnerships. 

We are currently seeking to expand our market and products with high quality growers, distributors and dispensary partnerships. Please reach out today! 

License Number  CDPH-10003531

California, United States



Great for soothing, rest and relaxation. Can help with sleep and stress. Our indica cannabis tablets are typically associated with full body effects resulting in deep relaxation and reduction of insomnia. Higher doses have been reported to help with pain. Soothing, sedating, relaxing and calming. 



Sativa cannabis tablets typically exhibit cerebral and uplifting effects. Typically used during daytime. Known for invigorating, energizing effects that can help reduce stress or anxiety and increase creativity and focus. Uplifting, energizing, motivating, creativity and focus. 



Our hybrid cannabis tablets are a cross between indica and sativa. Experiences will depend upon dominate subspecies of cannabis (indica or sativa) as well as the strain. You can find out the strain used to make the tablet on the our product label and discuss with your budtender to understand how the mixed effects of hybrid meets your needs.