Cannabis Extract Tablets

Convenient, Strain-Specific Ingestibles

Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Ingestible Tablets

Made from single source, single strain sources!

Micro-Tabs were designed by pharmaceutical professionals to achieve the highest level of dosing control. High quality Cannabis is packaged in a single strain tablet for a consistent desired effect every time. Each scored tab can be split in half and is color coded.

Our manufacturing process is so precise, you can be assured the utmost consistency from tablet to tablet. Micro-Tabs leverages the same testing equipment found in BCC compliant testing labs enabling us immediate access to potency and cannabinoid data.

California Dispensaries have a new Favorite

Micro-Tabs are a truly unique product in the Cannabis market. They are single source, single strain, full spectrum (never distillate) tablet.

Unlike all other edibles, tablets and capsules on the market today, we employ a BHO live resin extract to manufacture our tablets

This is the first legally compliant, strain-specific ingestible on the California market.

microtabs gluten free indica tablet

The Best From California

Micro-Tabs are infused with the very best full spectrum Cannabis extracts California has to offer. Our proprietary technology allows us to capture and freeze the very essence of each strain in every edible tablet.

We pride ourselves on our partnership with Award Winning California Farms. We capture the power of each unique flower to create our product.

Microtabs tablets