Micro-Tabs Edible Tablets

California presents the first legally compliant, strain-specific ingestible

MicroTabs Gluten Free Edibles

Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Ingestible tablet

Our Tablets are made from single source, single-strain sources, never distillate!

They are made with High quality cannabis, packaged in a convenient tablet, designed by pharmaceutical professionals to achieve the highest level of dosing control. The result is a consistent effect every time. 

Micro-Tabs are swallowed with water for fast, simple, discreet consumption. Each scored tab can be split in half, and is color coded.

Rest Mode | Indica Dominate Strain

Great for soothing, rest and relaxation. Can help with sleep and stress. Our indica cannabis tablets are typically associated with full body effects resulting in deep relaxation and reduction of insomnia. 

Higher doses have been reported to help with pain. Soothing, sedating, relaxing and calming

microtabs gluten free indica tablet

Focus | Balanced Hybrid

Our hybrid cannabis tablets are a cross between indica and sativa. Experiences will depend upon dominate subspecies of cannabis (indica or sativa) as well as the strain. 

You can find out the strain used to make the tablet on the our product label and discuss with your budtender to understand how the mixed effects of hybrid meets your needs

microtabs gluten free hybrid tablet

Revive | Sativa Dominate Strain

Sativa cannabis tablets typically exhibit cerebral and uplifting effects. Typically used during daytime. 

Known for invigorating, energizing effects that can help reduce stress or anxiety and increase creativity and focus. Uplifting, energizing, motivating, creativity and focus

microtabs gluten free sativa tablet

Our manufacturing process is so precise, you can be assured the utmost consistency from tablet to tablet. Micro-Tabs leverages the same testing equipment found in BCC compliant testing labs enabling us immediate access to potency and cannabinoid data.